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Leslie Sanger, Creator, Grant Star Write Design has 15 years working government experience. Grant writing began in university and subsequently grant application assessments while in government. After leaving the bureaucracy, she has drawn upon extensive knowledge of federal and provincial governments, and produced numerous successful grant applications for business and non-profits. This history translates into 20 years of grant writing know how. In addition to an education in political science and information technology, Leslie recently graduated (2022) from the Cooperative Entrepreneurship Training Program, Vancouver Island University and is a current participant in business development programs, Community Futures (Western Diversification).

“I’ve sat alongside my colleagues on the other side of the table, and assessed many grants throughout the years. While project and program size and topic may vary, many of the foundational rules for grants remain the same. To put it simply, from the government’s viewpoint, grants are an economic and social investment.”

Topic areas include business development, social policy, human resources, and science and technology.

Leslie brings applied knowledge of science, through an invitation to the Women in Science Project--designed to encourage women to embark in non-traditional careers. Here, she developed data collection systems, technical surveys and data analysis for applied uses by government and business. She is grant knowledgeable of global cybersecurity trends and export of digital services. As a web developer, Leslie is fluent in HTML and CSS, and is comfortable in technical environments.


Community engagement and the recognition of a need for grant writers, is the inspiration. Owners, directors and managers are busy and budget wary. Grant Star Write Design offers a plate of services designed to minimize grant writer expenses and alleviate the heavy time commitment necessary to achieve applications that are approved.

Grant Star Write Design advocates for support of civic engagement and governance, businesses to grow and thrive and collaboration with nonprofits as integral to economic and social progress and community well being.

“We are all a part of the village.”

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