Ethics and Professionalism in Grant Writing

Grant Writing Ethics

Honest grant writing companies build relationships of trust based on grant knowledge, excellent writing skills and competent and accurate filling out of grant application forms.

Before proceeding, grant writing companies ensure project eligibility or ineligibility—and that grant opportunities align with project concepts.

Professional writers and companies never promise complete and immediate approvals for grants. Assessor receive and review multiple grants and it can take several weeks to receive a decision.

Red Flags - Unprofessional/Unethical Grant Companies

The following are red flags to consider before employing a grant writer and/or company: Ethical grant companies will not:

Grantee Ethics and Responsibility

Unethical companies will add to the misconception that grants are a big bucket of “free money” that can be used anyway wanted. Nothing is further from the truth than this misconstrued idea.

Grant dollars are directly tied to project activities and expenses. Some grants (but not all) require receipts because they operate on a reimbursement system. Approved recipients are provided with help and guidance resources to aid the progress of the project. Recipients also report to funders on project activities, impact and outcomes. Funders must be notified--and approve of project direction and budgets changes. Mis-use of grant money is fraud.