Frequently Asked Questions About Grants

Do I Qualify?

The grant system in Canada is quite specific.

Currently, the majority of government grants fall into tourism, technology, agribusiness, fine arts, export and non-profits. Human Resources grants are broad-based and subsidize training and hiring. Also, governments do frequently provide singular, broad-range grant opportunities.

If I Do Not Qualify, What Then?

Governments continually assesses the landscape and identifies needs for certain grants to be widely available such as the digital adoption grant which helps SMEs set up websites. Such singular grants show up frequently, so don’t despair if you feel you do not qualify for current grants, it is likely that a general business booster grant will appear in the near future.

Are All Grants Dispersed by The Government?

No! Grants are available via the private sector, fraternal organizations, universities, municipalities, community foundations and more. Many grants are grass roots activity based, aimed at sports teams, camps, food banks, girl guides, etc. and community programming for non profits. Singular business, scholarship and/or science grants are competitive but yield a good reward for winning recipients.

Are There Any Grants for Business Start-ups?

“There Are No Free Lunches” (sbbc). Unfortunately, there are few to no grants for business start-ups because new businesses involve risk. However, there are vast free business start-up resources available from the government, private sector and non-profits dedicated to those who have the entrepreneurial bug. Check out our article on Grant Writing, Professionalism and Ethics.

New business owners take out loans, risk their own money or that of friends and family to invest into a new business. From the entrepreneural bug to a solid, functional business enterprise is a process. Local free business start-up resources provide valuable insight and assist your journey to becoming a business success!

Do I Need a Charitable Status Number to Apply for a Charity Grant?

Yes! Charities whose submissions do not have verifiable charitable status are not considered by funders. If you have begun a charity that is now growing rapidly, create a road map to getting charitable status—this will open up many grant opportunities. General Requirements for Charitable Registration

Do I Need a Charitable Status Number to Apply for a Non Profit Grant?

No, however, non profits do have to be registered by the government.

If a Grant Is Approved, What Happens?

Wonderful! The applicant will be notified. In cases where grants are dispersed in the form of reimbursements, applicants will have to submit receipts. Applicants will also be expected to report on grant related activities and measure positive outcomes from the grant such as improved profitability, hiring, expansion and/or provision of current, relevant social services.

If a Grant is Not Approved What Happens?

You have expended precious time and resources preparing the perfect grant or conversely, tentatively applied to see if you had a chance. Either way, the majority applications are denied for a variety of reasons. One reason being that there are simply more applications than available funding.

Application denied? Don't give up! A professional, government-knowledgeable grant writer is a worthwhile investment and a path to success. Value is added because a professionally prepared grant application is also a blueprint for future grant applications and/or written materials that can be directly applied to promotional materials, social media and website content.

What Is a Grant Review?

A Grant Review is a comprehensive analysis of a grant application’s suitability for submission. Areas of weakness and improvement are flagged and recommendations made. Assesors consider many factors when reviewing applications. They must be complete, realistic and meet government objectives. The goal of a Grant Review is to attract and impress adjudicators amidst a sea of many applications.

What is an Under-Represented Group Or Group Facing Barriers?

Governments prioritize grants through a social equity lens to support under-represented groups such as indigenous, immigrants, visible minorities, those with disabilities and women. This does not mean that you will not qualify for a grant or that an under-represented group will automatically qualify. Projects still have to be clearly realistic with ability to carry them out, there are fewer applications made by under-represented groups and funding buckets can be large enough to accommodate many valid projects.

Are Grants Taxable?

Yes, grants are considered income, remember to keep your receipts so that you may write off the business portion of expenses that apply to your project.

Can I Write Off the Cost of Contracting a Grant Writer or Purchasing Grant Services?

Yes! grant research, writing and review fall under the category of consulting services and is an expense that can be written off.

What are Grant Building Blocks?

Research, Review and Re/Write. Clients who handle their own grant writing will benefit from any one, or a combination of, our cost-saving Grant Services and access professional advice and knowledge. Let us take a peek!

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