The Digital Human Resources Personnel Policy Manual 2023 - BC

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Grant Star Write Design is tech savvy, fluent in HTML/CSS and we offer digitalized business support documents in MS-Word, PDF and HTML/Word Press. Our goal is to streamline administration, save time and money and keep your business modernized.

The Digital Human Resources Personnel Policy Manual (2023) (H.R. Manual) is Grant Star Write Design’s latest long document project completion.

The Human Resources Personnel Policy Manual has undergone a digital transformation with quick links to government web pages such as the British Columbia Employment Standards, WorkSafe BC and other pertinent government labour law web pages. Employers and employees are better able to efficiently utilize this valuable yet often under-recognized human resources tool. Yes, every company has to have one!

Human Resources Manuals are Business Assets that Ensures Employers:

How Does an H.R. Manual Relate to Grants?

Most Offices Have an H.R. Manual

Grant Star Write Design has experience in a multitude of work environments and we recognize that the H.R. Manual can be problematic:

Outdated – Labour laws frequently change. An H.R. Manual dating from 1991, 2001 or 2008 is outdated. We email our customers updates and changes to labour laws and include replacement text and/or additions to the H.R. Manual, keeping it both current and useful.

Rushed – The H.R. Manual is a sparse, onerous, hodge podge of vague rules and policies that unintentionally, do not meet labour standards at all or are confusing to employees. Grant Star Write Design's H.R. Manual has a digitalized Table of Contents, covers labour law information commonly needed by employers and workers, and is professionally laid out for ease of reading. The H.R. Manual can also be customized.

Under-Utilized - Rather than an H.R.Manual that collects dust, useful quick links whisk employers to relevant labour topics including sensitive topics such as firing or harassment. Have questions? Need forms? The Human Resources Personnel Policy Manual is meant to ease the burden of finding out.

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Grant Star Write Design is able to easily customize the Human Resources Personnel Policy Manual to emphasize the unique human resources setting of any business such as shift work, travel policies and other company priorities.

The Digital H.R. Manual is complete with quick links, informative and directly parallels government labour standards. It is designed to save time, money and allow both employee and employer to effectively utilize the H.R. Manual as a communication tool, source of information, and a work place confidence builder.

In-house, the cost to develop the Digitalized Human Resources Personnel and Policy Manual is $4500-$6000. Grant Star Write Design's Digital H.R. Manual is designed to save time and money as it is ready to go and/or ready for immediate customization.

Our Price:

Business - $1200.00

Non Profits - $800.00