Learn to Apply and Ready to Go - Student Priced Grant Workshops

The Journey of Life Long Learning Begins….with an application form

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A student is about to begin the journey of lifelong learning and this is a part of our business ethos. Grant Star Write Design offers affordable education, assistance and review services for students who fill out their own forms. Students study, write and submit applications as a part of a learning process while developing a life skill needed time and again for future applications.

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We find instances where applicants with talent and aptitude, avoid opportunities such as post-secondary education, scholarships and travel because of the daunting task of filling out a complex application form. Continual rejection of form submissions can be frustrating, disheartening and discouraging enough to keep applicants from trying again. The issue is not inability but rather lack of experience. This is where Grant Star Write Design can step in and provide some help.

Jumping Through Government Hoops Yields Rewards!

Workshop - Learn to Apply

The goal is for students to gain awareness of the importance of applications and forms and become confident and adept at this important life skill.

Bonus Workshop - Apply for a Real Grant!

Grant Star Write Design offers students, who live British Columbia, to actively engage in a grant application for $500.00. We will help students identify what they need to prepare and submit applications. This grant is widely available and designed for community engagement. International students welcome!

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Anyone, can apply for this program. This is not a government loan but rather a business supported local community grant (for bc residents). The grant is renewed annually March-Sept or as long as funding lasts. If the bucket is closed, it is still worth preparing a grant for the next opening.

Workshop - Ready to Go

Ready to Go is an intensive workshop that provides valuable guidance and information for students who are applying for larger, more complex grants to help finance proposed projects.

We instruct students on how plan projects, prepare budgets, and present realistic applications to ensure funders have confidence in project value and ability to deliver.

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